What is IPSMS

This is an Internet service sending short text messages (sms) to mobile phones from your computer, that is, via the Internet, without using a mobile phone. Sending sms is done through a specialized web-form. Using our service, you can send very long SMS messages, use the address book, control SMS delivery, receive answers from mobile phones.

And all this happiness - for free!

SMS sending form
Send sms

1. SMS text input field. The maximum length of SMS is 750-2100 characters. Since most mobile operators do not allow you to receive SMS with a length of more than 150-170 characters, long SMS text is cut into several short messages. Do not send text longer than three or four messages, because it will be difficult to "assemble" in the phone.

2. The mobile operator selection field. An asterisk appearing to the right of this field means that for the successful sending of sms the subscriber of this operator should be enabled to receive messages sent by e-mail.

3. Subscriber number input field.

4. Number of un-dialed digits of subscriber's number.

5. Number of sms to which your text will be divided.

6. Number of remaining symbols of the current SMS.

8. Secret code to protect against unauthorized sending, if suddenly your computer is captured by robots. If it is not clearly visible, click on it with the mouse.

9. The field for entering the secret code.

10. Your personal phone book.

11. SMS delivery report and phone replies. Conditions for receiving the report: from the moment the SMS was sent, no more than an hour passed; the form of sending sms or the form of reports were not closed; the mobile operator reports on the delivery.

Possible problems

• The form does not work correctly (instead of the form, an empty window, there is no message about the successful sending, etc.)

   1. The properties of the Internet browser should be allowed to use the Java compiler.
   2. The properties of the Internet browser should be allowed to use cookies.
   3. Internet browser properties should be allowed to show pictures.

• After sending a long SMS message, the form "hangs"

   Long sms automatically split into standard ones and sent in parts at intervals of 30 seconds. With a shorter range, mobile operators manage to "lose" some parts. Thus sending SMS, broken into 10 parts takes as much as 30x10 = 300 seconds, during which the form of sending sms, of course, does not show signs of life.

• The desired mobile operator is not listed.

   1. The mobile operator does not provide a service for receiving SMS messages sent from e-mail.
   2. We do not have information about the provision of such services by your operator. Contact the operator's help desk or go to his website to find out the rules for sending sms to your phone with e-mail; try to send a letter from your e-mail box to your phone; tell us the address where you could send (and receive!) sms, indicating the name of the operator and the city, and we will add it to the database. Write to us!

• Messages do not reach.

   1. Overloaded mobile operator's SMS-gateway.
   2. SMS-gateway parameters of the operator have changed and it takes some time to update the program.
   3. Some mobile operators require activation of the possibility of receiving sms from e-mail or registering to receive an e-mail box.   For clarification, please contact the operator's inquiry service or its official website.

Advertising banners on the form

The SMS sending service is free for both the sender and the recipient. On the form of sending sms and other pages of the site posted advertising, which, perhaps, annoys you. We ask you for forgiveness for this and hope that you will treat us and our advertisers with respect, because thanks to their support there is this site.

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